Jay's Auto Transport, Inc.             

Services and preparing your vehicle for transport

At Jay's Auto Transport I not only promise to deliver exceptional service - I promise a pleasurable experience!

Every open carrier truck has a 1 million dollar umbrella policy of coverage (minimum).  Enclosed trucks have 2.5 million umbrella of coverage!!!  


  • Coast-to-Coast as fast as any trucking company in the industry can promise!   No terminals - No delays! 
  • Advanced dispatching capabilities
  • Expedited service  (in a hurry?  - for a bit more we can put you to the head of the list and get it moving fast!)  
  • "Open" and "Enclosed" transport trucks - whatever you need. 
  • Call me for a status update anytime.  I don't mind!  
  • Door-to-Door Service (as close as a big rig can get to your front door!) 
  • Do you need special arrangements?  I can assist with that too!  
  • I am here to guide you every step of the way.  
  • Great customer service and communication throughout the whole process. 
  • Motorcycles, ATV's, Dually Pickups, Golf Carts, Race Cars, Classic Cars, Exotics, Low Ground Clearance Vehicles - I can handle it! 
You should take everything out of your vehicle except for those items that came from the dealership when you bought it.
  • Personal items are only covered by "your" insurance. 
  • If you must put something in the car the DOT has specific guidelines when these trucks go through weigh stations.
  • Clothing, bedding and books (not more than 100 lbs) are allowed in the trunk or the storage compartment of an SUV.
  • If you car is going on a ship you are not allowed to put personal items in the car - call Jay for details regarding sea transport.
  • All personal items must be easily inspected - do not seal your boxes with duct tape.   
  • If you have a transponder on your windshield (Sun Pass, Easy Pass, etc) take it down so you don't collect tolls on the truck.  
  • Remove any remote controls like garage door openers or gate openers and leave them behind if you don't need to take them. 
  • Remove or lower your antenna as the hydraulics on the truck do go up and down and you don't want your antenna "pinched". 
  • If you place a "last minute" order and you can not lower your gas level - please tip the driver for the extra weight he must carry. 
  • CLEAN YOUR CAR BEFORE THE TRUCK ARRIVES.  It will be inspected at both "Point A" and "Point B".  
                                                         Feel free to ask for Jay at 954-709-7541.  Talk to the "owner"!!

Jay's Auto Transport, Inc.  offers consistently reliable service and one of the nation's best on-time records.

Jay's Auto Transport, Inc.
(954) 709-7541 Cell
(954) 252-3942 Fax
  5418 Siesta Key Loop
Dover, FL 33527

MC# 712212 Licensed - Bonded - Insured

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