A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau since April 2010. Bonded $75,000

A Family Business For Over 60 Years


My Background

I have been moving vehicles for over 30 years.  It has been a family business for generations.  I have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and a  5 out of 5 Star rating with www.transportreviews.com. Talk to the owner of a company. Stop trusting some kid in a cubicle with your pride and joy. 


What You Should Know

I do not work for truck drivers.  I work for  you! Independent owner operators give me a discount on the route because they do not want to hire sales people, rent office space and most importantly - they do not want to spend money on advertising.  My buying power gets you the best deal. 


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I am open from 10am to 9pm EST 7 days a week to serve you better. I work all three time zones this way for your convenience.  I move cars to Hawaii and beyond. Open and enclosed carriers, motorcycles to RV's - I move everything that fits on or inside these auto transport trucks or even flat bed trucks or low boys.  

Additional Information


5 Easy Reminders

1) Remove your toll road transponder. You do not want to pay tolls for no reason.

2) Lower or remove your radio antenna if applicable.

3) Take out the garage door opener if you do not need it at Point B.

4) Lower your fuel level. No truck driver wants to haul all that extra weight. Get the fuel down to 1/4 tank please.

5) Put no more than 100 lbs of these items only in the trunk or storage space - not on the seats:

A) clothing - any luggage you can bring on an airplane is acceptable.

B) paperwork, hanging files or books and the containers that hold them.

C) hand tools - emergency road side kit.

D) athletic equipment. 

When Do We Call You

Jay's Auto Transport will call you first. The truck driver will call you the day before, the morning of and when they get an hour away from picking up your vehicle. Each stop is an adventure and it is impossible to know in advance how long each stop will take.  You are sharing the ride with as many as 9 other vehicles on your truck.  

How Long Does It Take

Auto Transport coast-to-coast in 7 to 10 days. 

How Do I Pay For The Transport?

Truck Drivers will take cash, money orders or cashiers checks upon delivery (typical freight).  You get to inspect the vehicle before you pay the driver.  The truck driver will bring it to your work or home depending on what time of day they are coming through your town. 

Can I Put A TV Or My Dishes in the Car?

Auto transport trucks carry an occupational license to carry cars - not household goods.  At the weight stations if they are caught with household goods in the vehicles they get big fines.  The DOT has guidelines. Ask if you are not sure about an item in the vehicle.  

Custom Cars - Modified Vehicles

Be sure to tell Jay's Auto Transport if your vehicle has been modified.  These changes must be discussed before the truck reaches your pickup location (Point A).  If you have lowered the car, added an after market spoiler, changed the tires, put a lift kit or bigger tires or added something to the bed of your truck - say so! It is very important that you do this before the truck finds out when it is too late.  It is your responsibility to tell us if you have modified the vehicle.  

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